2023 President: I pity those going into APC to contest election in Igboland

I pity those going into All Progressive Congress to contest election in Igboland.

The way and manner President Buhari’s government is marginalizing Ndigbo, is a pure indication that the party doesn’t need the Igbos.

The recent loan sharing formula was an eye opener to the plot of APC against Ndigbo.

But the good thing is that the more APC marginalises us, the more our people hate them.

In 2021 Anambra state governorship election, anyone running under APC is merely wasting his money. No matter how popular such a candidate is, he will lose his polling unit and ward.

The Kogi option can not work in Anambra state. The Imo Supreme court option will not also work again in Nigeria judicial history.

It is a pity that stakeholders of APC in southeast are too afraid to call their Abuja leaders to order on the obvious hate against Ndigbo in this administration.

With this loan sharing formula against Ndigbo, APC has sealed their fate in southeast.